Tips for Dealing with Loss

Tips for Dealing with Loss


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A little over a year ago I lost someone very close to me.  Learning how to deal with that loss is a constant battle, but I’ve learned through trial and error some tips that have helped me to cope:

  1. Try to be happy.  I know that sounds a little crazy being the first tip for dealing with loss, but hear me out.  The person you lost would want you to go out and live your dreams, live to your fullest potential, and most importantly be happy.
  2. Lean on your support team.  If you are anything like me this is hard, I am a guarded and private person when it come to my emotions but trying to find one or two people you feel comfortable talking to about how you feel is important.  Sometimes just having someone to listen to me talk about how much I miss my loved one makes me feel better.  It’s almost like a weight being lifted from holding in all of those feelings.
  3. Write a letter.  When I write to my loved one I tell them exactly how i’m feeling. Lost, sad, alone, missing them.  I say it all in that letter, and most of the time I am crying throughout.  But after I am done, once again I feel a weight lifted a little and then I start to feel better.
  4. When you find everything in your life reminds you of them, embrace it.  Sometimes the memories will make you feel sad, sometimes they will make you happy, either way try to take those feelings as they come one step at a time and feel them.  You don’t want to shut out all of your memories of the person you lost, pay tribute to them by remembering them.
  5. Love.  Love is my last tip because the saying is true:  You never know what someone is going through, so love and be kind.  Not only to others, but be love and be kind to yourself.

Losing someone is never easy, it hurts.  It hurts a lot.  But I hope these tips that have helped me help you too.

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